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More On “The Prix de Cornulier”

Switching on to the most striking parameter of this Horse Racing, it is considered definitely the World Championship for the mounted Trotters. At the same time, the allocation which has been given on a holistic basis is an overall of Seven Lakhs Euros. Hopefully, even in the year of 2022, this Exuberant race has already happened on the Penultimate Sunday of January.

Furthermore, this Racing has already happened on the 2700 metres of the Main track of the Hippodrome de Vincennes. Beyond this, the Race also happens on the Mounted Trot. Moving back to the Throwback, the First Edition of the Horse Racing goes back to 1931. At the same time, it has been dedicated to the Marquis Gontran de Cornulier. Beyond this, he was also the Founder of the Encouragement Society for the Improvement of the French Half Breed.

The most striking part of the Society is that it promotes Races and French Trotters nationally. At the same time, these Races are also held abroad, keeping in mind to protect the Trotting professionals as well as Bettors from different irregularities. The worst thing to be noted is that these irregularities could occur Before or else during the Course of an Event.

Author: Avery Owens