Horse Race Betting Tips

Horse Race Betting Tips

Horse Race Betting tips: 

Closely study the following points, for betting on horse races.

1) Fresh off the stable:

There are some horses that run faster after resting for a long period (aka layoff). Some trainers excel with this layoff. Here is how one must find out:

Check out the previous record of the horse, if it was faster after a period of rest. If yes then you can bet on this horse.
Look at the trainer angle, if he won any races with a horse after a layoff. If yes then you can play this horse.

2) Tender Loving and Care:

If the owner of the horse shows affection then it might improve the performance of the horse on the race track. Always remember to check out the performance of the horse with the current owner and the previous owner. If there is a significant improvement in the wins under a given owner then you can upgrade the chances of the horse with that trainer. Horse Race Betting

3) The horse for a course:

Sometimes there is a strange affinity between a horse and a race track. Some horses prefer a particular track and excel in them and may not move along well with other tracks. If you happen to spot such a horse then you can take note of it.

4) The surface: 

Again there are some horses that excel on dirt and some horses excel on turf. Make a note of this surface advantage as it will help you in deciding on which horse to place your bet based on the surface.

Author: Avery Owens