Cryptocurrency Prices As On 21st March 2022

The Holistic Picture Of The Cryptocurrency Market, An Overview:

Cryptocurrency Prices as on 21st March, 2022 caters to the present prices of the different types of Digitalized Tokens as on the 21st of March, 2022. On one hand, there has been a sudden Downfall of the Global Cryptocurrency Market by 1.68 percent in the last 24 Hours. As a result, the Market value stood to 1.68 Trillion Dollars. On the other hand, the Trading volumes have dipped by 5.61 Percent. Therefore, the value stood to 77.97 Billion Dollars at this point of time.

Then, What Is The Picture Of Bitcoin ?

Coming to Bitcoin, the value of this Currency has dipped by 0.86 percent. As a result, it is trading at Rupees 3231285. At the same time, the Market dominance of the coin was up marginally and that also by 0.01 percentage to 42.15 percentage. Moreover, the Currency was trading at 41238.56 Dollars. The most Catchy parameter is that Bitcoin was able to cross the 40000 Mark, at last.

Volume Of The Decentralized Finance Space :

Switching on to the complete volume of the Decentralized Finance Space, the value stood to 12.73 Billion Dollars. When it comes percentage wise, the value was 16.32 percent of the aggregate 24 Hours Cryptocurrency Trading volume.

The Scenario Of Stablecoins :

Coming to Stablecoins, the total volume of this Currency, stood to 65.37 Billion Dollars. The Best part of the story is that Stablecoins could make up finally the 83.85 percent of the 24 Hours Cryptocurrency Trading volume.


Author: Avery Owens